CHECKLIST OF Required Documents

for submission to
Sterling-Turner Foundation


Copy of Original IRS Determination Letter 501(c)(3) (date stamp on letter will note approval)

Copy of any name change(s) documents from IRS and confirmation letter from IRS (not organization heads and the address noted on the most recent letter from the IRS should match the current either mailing address or physical address of organization)

Religious Organizations with Group Ruling letter 501(c)(3) from the IRS need to provide the group ruling letter, the cover of the current year’s directory from the Diocese/Archdiocese/District, et al and a copy of the page from the current year’s directory acknowledging your recognition. (Catholic Charities under the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops group ruling letter please note, effective May 2016 there is a new letter with a new Tax Identification Number that can be downloaded from the Catholic Conference website.)  Should you not have a copy of the current year’s directory please contact the Diocese or Archdiocese you are under and request a letter on their letter head recognizing your organization as a part of their group.  It must be a letter from the current year for which you  are requesting. If they do not respond or have not produced a current directory religious organizations under a group ruling may complete the Foundation Source Religious Subordinate Substantiation form found on our website under “Letter Templates” tab. The form is a PDF and if you complete it online and print it off following the instructions please include it with your supporting documents.

The most recent completed year’s tax document such as; 990-PF, 990-T, or other tax document that your charity files.  For religious organizations that are not required to file a tax document please include a brief explanation as to why you are not required to file.  This is a requirement for consideration. Governmental entities that are to be treated like a 501©(3) organization are required to provide the most recent copy of the 990-T.   Please note that all schedules are required to be provided for consideration.  Tax documents are not private they are a matter of public record

Most recent Audited Financial Statements (should you have an audit performed)

A detailed program/project budget if requesting for a specific program or project

A detailed organization operating budget (all expenses of the organization with the exception of a capital campaign or endowment should be included within this budget.)

The required application form that must be completed and emailed to the office (please read Information and Instructions before completing proposals)

A list of your current board of directors and must include their addresses and phone numbers (they may be either office or home-we do not make it a policy to call any board members unless there is a question that must be posed directly to them)

Major donor list for year of request (to include the name of funder, approved amount and purpose, requests under consideration by funders, as well as those planned requests that will be submitted for the current year’s funding)

509 (a) (3) Letter that is required if your organization is classified as such. This may be found on the second paragraph of your Determination Letter from the IRS. Most organizations are classified as 509(a)(1) however there are some that do fall under this category. If your organization is classified under this category there is a template letter that may be found on our site under the “Letter Templates” tab as a downloadable document listed as “509(a)(3) Letter” please complete the document and submit with the rest of the required documents as requested.  This letter is referencing supporting entities.

Also required is the related party questionnaire which references the relationship of your staff or board to our board members.  The form can be found on the website under “Related Party Questionnaire” tab.  This must be completed and included with the supporting documents.

You may also include a one to four (1-4) page detailed description of your organization, services, history and proposed project or program information. However, we ask that you not reference this letter when completing the online application form as the board will not have this addition with your form. This will be put with the full proposal for our files and may be reviewed by any board member should they request additional information and also by our office staff to better acquaint themselves with the organizations services, history and/or project.

All supporting documents will only be accepted by traditional post, overnight delivery or hand delivered (with the exception of the application form-the only portion of the proposal that must be received via email but all documentation has to be received by our offices before the deadline to be considered) to:

Mrs. Patricia Stilley
Executive Director
Sterling-Turner Foundation
5850 San Felipe Street, Suite 125
Houston, TX 77057-3292

ALL documents must be received NO LATER than February 15th by 5:00 p.m. to be considered. Proposals may be accepted as early as August 1st of the prior year once the newest versions have been made available on the site. Please contact our offices to confirm the site has been updated in preparation for the next year’s submission process.