Congratulations on your award! 

Notification of award: 

Once you have been approved for funding you will receive a letter of notification to your office addressed to the person listed on the application form as “Fiscal Manager” all notifications will be sent to that person within 1-2 weeks of the annual meeting of the board held the first Tuesday in April each year. If that person leaves the organization or their position changes, please make us aware as soon as possible. Please make us aware of any address changes for the organization as soon as possible so that the notifications will be mailed to the correct address to prevent delays. With COVID, office structures have changed and we have found that many administrative persons are still working remotely with a low office staff. We are making you aware of the time frame so that you will be sure to check your mail regularly. If you are approved for funding you may receive your check in the letter of approval. Please be aware the Sterling-Turner Foundation is on a calendar tax year and because of this our approved charities are paid on a quarterly basis in most cases. There is no defined payment schedule although it is in part determined by the charity’s tax year (financial year—fiscal) as described on the application form referencing the year funds are needed and when services will be rendered. Should an emergency arise requiring the funding earlier in the year please contact our offices and speak with Patricia Stilley at 713-237-1117 extension 301. She will make note on the calendar and make the Board President aware of the situation. Earlier payment will be considered if possible.

 Once you receive your check: 

Once funding has been received, we require that a letter of receipt be sent to our offices confirming the date of receipt, check number, amount and purpose for our records.

 Required Report:

 Please be aware that we require a report letter be sent to our offices within nine (9) months of receipt of your granted funds detailing the usage of awarded funding. The template of this required report can be found on our website under the Letter Template tab as “Report” this template is the bare minimum required by the Internal Revenue Service by a charity in reporting on usage of funds to a donor. However, we do encourage charities to provide as much detail as possible on the usage of the funding gifted. You may use a different format as long as it includes at least as much information as provided on this Template and a more detailed description of the specific usage of the funding received from Sterling-Turner Foundation is appreciated. You may mail a hard copy of the report to the office through traditional mail or email it as a scanned attachment with a signature on the letter. If by the 9 months following receipt of the funding not all funds have been expended, report on the funds that have been as of that time and then once the balance has been spent report on the remainder. 

Please be aware:

 Reports are due by nine months from the date you receive your check. Reports are deemed overdue if it is after 9 months from the date the check was received. If a report is over due to our offices a charity may not submit a request again until the report has been provided. 

Thank you and again, congratulations on your award.